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Split the data from the input value into TensorArray elements.

Assuming that lengths takes on values

```(n0, n1, ..., n(T-1))```

and that value has shape

```(n0 + n1 + ... + n(T-1) x d0 x d1 x ...)```,

this splits values into a TensorArray with T tensors.

TensorArray index t will be the subtensor of values with starting position

```(n0 + n1 + ... + n(t-1), 0, 0, ...)```

and having size

```nt x d0 x d1 x ...```

handle A Tensor of type resource. The handle to a TensorArray.
value A Tensor. The concatenated tensor to write to the TensorArray.
lengths A Tensor of type int64. The vector of lengths, how to split the rows of value into the TensorArray.
flow_in A Tensor of type float32. A float scalar that enforces proper chaining of operations.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type float32.