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Image resizing layer.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

Resize the batched image input to target height and width. The input should be a 4D (batched) or 3D (unbatched) tensor in "channels_last" format.

height Integer, the height of the output shape.
width Integer, the width of the output shape.
interpolation String, the interpolation method. Defaults to "bilinear". Supports "bilinear", "nearest", "bicubic", "area", "lanczos3", "lanczos5", "gaussian", "mitchellcubic".
crop_to_aspect_ratio If True, resize the images without aspect ratio distortion. When the original aspect ratio differs from the target aspect ratio, the output image will be cropped so as to return the largest possible window in the image (of size (height, width)) that matches the target aspect ratio. By default (crop_to_aspect_ratio=False), aspect ratio may not be preserved.