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Split string elements of input into bytes.

Used in the notebooks

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array([b'h', b'e', b'l', b'l', b'o'], dtype=object)
tf.strings.bytes_split(['hello', '123'])
<tf.RaggedTensor [[b'h', b'e', b'l', b'l', b'o'], [b'1', b'2', b'3']]>

Note that this op splits strings into bytes, not unicode characters. To split strings into unicode characters, use tf.strings.unicode_split.

See also:, tf.strings.split, tf.strings.unicode_split.

input A string Tensor or RaggedTensor: the strings to split. Must have a statically known rank (N).
name A name for the operation (optional).

A RaggedTensor of rank N+1: the bytes that make up the source strings.